Policies and Procedures






All sales are final.  No refunds are provided for any reason.  Class packages may be transferred to another person.  The student must notify Twisted Dance in writing (letter or email) that the package is being transferred and so doing provide a Twisted Dance employee with the new student's name and contact information.


Gift Certificates:

Purchased gift certificates are final and valid for one year from the date of the purchase.  No refunds are given for unused gift certificates.


Private Lessons:

All private lessons must be pre-paid and are non-refundable.  Private lessons with TDS teachers are by appointment only and may be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time.  Private lessons are non-transferable and are provided only to the intended student. Additional students may not in join a private lesson.



An attendee is only considered registered upon payment. Once registered, there are no refunds or credits issued.  Student either must attend the workshop he/she registered for or transfer it to another person.  Student must notify Twisted Dance that the workshop is being transferred in writing (letter or email) and provide a Twisted Dance employee with the new student's name and contact information.




If a private lesson/workshop must be canceled by Twisted Dance or the workshop/lesson instructor,  paid participants will be refunded via check or credit card refund within 1 week of the cancellation.


Classes may be canceled in the event of inclement weather.  An email notification will be sent to those students who subscribe to the studio newsletter and a studio Facebook message will be posted as soon as possible to notify students of the closing.  Since all classes are considered
drop-in, no classes will be rescheduled and no refunds will be provided.





A fee of $30.00 will be charged for returned checks. Customers with more than one returned check will be asked to pay for all future purchase with cash.





Only one discount/special may be applied at a time.


One FREE Private Lesson credit is given to a referring student for the close referral of a new student.




Deposit of 50% is required to hold room rental with the balance of rental fee due on the day of the event. If the room rental is canceled less than 48 hours before the event, the full deposit is
non-refundable. If the room rental is canceled 7 days or more before the day of the rental,
50% of the deposit is non-refundable.


All events held within the Main Studio space must be conducted barefoot or with dance shoes (leather or non-marking soles) to preserve the floor.


Renters are responsible for complete clean-up of event, including removal of any trash produced by the event.  Dumpsters are located at the back of the building.


No fire or open flame is allowed, including candles.


Renter must provide proof of individual liability insurance for any movement/exercise events.


Renter is responsible for repairing or replacing any Twisted Dance property broken or stolen during their event (including but not restricted to mirrors, floor--wood or carpet, windows, electronic equipment, furniture, dressing room dividers, lamps and speakers).


We do not allow outside belly dance, hoop, or martial arts teachers to conduct classes that conflict with classes we offer.  If you are looking for a belly dance, hoop, or martial arts teacher for your group, please contact Twisted Dance directly & we will find a teacher appropriate to your event at an additional fee.

Privacy Policy


Twisted Dance is committed to protecting your online privacy while providing you with the most useful and enjoyable Web experience possible. Due to the nature of the registration process, you are required to provide personal information to gain access to our service.


How we collect and use personal information


Registering for use of Twisted Dance gives you access to all the site's information and features. The only information required is your name, street adress, e-mail address, and phone number. We will use your email address to communicate important information about specific classes and workshops for which you are registered and information about your transactions with the system. If you elect to receive emails of our newsletter and/or other other bulk e-mails concerning Twisted Dance Studio Registration System events, we will use your email address. You can also elect to receive a newsletter by mail. Your mailing preferences can be changed at any time by logging into the system and accessing the My Account page and editing your personal information.


How we protect your personal information


All personal data you enter on Twisted Dance is encrypted with secure server software (SSL) that encodes the information before your Web browser software sends it to us. The SSL software decodes the data only after it reaches our server, meaning hackers can't snatch any of your personal information while it is in transit. Once the data reaches our site, the same state-of-the-art security software we use to guard all of our company's essential business data protects your personal data as well. In addition to using the most secure technology available, we work tirelessly to make sure that we use any information you provide us only in ways you have approved. We send you only the e-mail you have approved in your account information. We never release your information to a third party.


How we use "cookies"


As you probably know, "cookies" are small pieces of information that some Web sites store on your computer's hard drive when you visit them. Twisted Dance uses cookies only if you have them enabled to track the fact that you are logged in. If you have cookies disabled, no problem. You will notice weird looking web addresses that have jsessionid= appended to them, but the site will work the same whether or not you have cookies enabled.


Twisted Dance Security Information


Twisted Dance is committed to providing a secure system that allows you to feel comfortable entering your personal information and making credit card purchases on our site.


Secure Connections


Immediately when you connect to Twisted Dance, a secure connection is established using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) between the server (secure.Twisted Dance) and the client (you). The certificate authority is thawte.com (view website), the second largest Certificate Authority worldwide. If you want specific information about the certificate, you should be able to click the lock icon on your browser when you are connected to the site. Twisted Dance's secure purchase site, yogareg, is owned and operated by Turnkey Technology Corp, which is the name you will see on the certificate. Before granting a web site certificate, Thawte has verified that our company is authentic and that the information provided in the certificate is correct.


Credit Card Processing


For credit card processing we use Authorize.net (view website), one of the leading providers of internet-based transaction services since 1996. When you click to submit payment, payment information is encrypted (using 128-bit SSL) and sent to Authorize.net. Authorize.net then sends the appropriate data to your card issuer's bank using a secure, proprietary connection. Authorize.net is responsible for maintaining information about the transaction. At no time does our registration system store your credit card information.


Operating System Security


Our system runs on the Linux operating system and all security patches are promptly applied by our systems department.

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