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American Tribal Style® Student Troupe


The ATS® student troupe of Twisted Dance Collective of Greensboro, NC,  Helix was formed in Jan 2012 when it became obvious that the ATS® students were dying to get out & share their love of the dance. Composed of dancers who range in age, background, and level of experience, Helix members are committed to a joyful and ethical expression of belly dance and enjoy challenging, laughing with, and learning from each other in their love of the dance. And of course, they dance together because they love it!  Helix is led by Sara, a FCBD® Sister Studio instructor.


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Sara (Director)

Sara began belly dancing in 2011.  After trying classes in several styles,  she was drawn to the positive and proud form of American Tribal Style®, which speaks to Sara’s love of strong community, her passion for music and movement–not to mention the glorious pageantry of the costumes. All these elements are woven together celebrating the past, present and future of communal dance.  She  studies with her teacher Mimi,  as well as attending as many workshops as possible to further her knowledge of American Tribal Style® bellydance.


In 2013, Sara continued her ATS training by attending the FCBD® American Tribal Style General Skills/Teacher Training with masters Carolena Nericcio and Mehga Gavin. There, she earned her TT Certification.  Sara has Sister Studio status, meaning anywhere she teaches a "Sister is in the Studio" following the FCBD® teaching format & guidelines.


She is currently working toward her Sister Studio Continuing Education certification for the third year, and hopes to  attend Advanced Teacher Training at the Mothership in San Fransisco in the future.


Photo credit: mjrichard


Jodi has been dancing most of her life.  She is an original member of Helix.


Khaleesi started taking belly dance classes in 2013 under the direction of Mimi and Xavier Shadowdancer.  Although she has a background in modern dance, belly dance was new territory and the challenge was accepted.  When Sara invited her to an ATS beginner class, she was hooked.  In 2015, she was accepted as a member of Helix and has been thrilled ever since.  Khaleesi continues to study under Mimi and Sara and loves performing with this brilliant collective of dancers.


Photo by Caroline Antrim


Samiya was raised by parents who shared their lifelong joy of all forms of dance and music. She started bellydancing in 2004 and has studied with a variety of teachers in a variety of styles, including American Tribal Style® at the FatChanceBellyDance® studio, tribal fusion with Jill Parker, and Egyptian at the Cassandra School.


Samiya loves all forms of dance and has dabbled in hooping, Afro-Caribbean, poi spinning, and West African dance.

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